This blog is not primarily financially driven.

Regardless, beginning December 1, 2009, the FTC requires bloggers to disclose whenever there could be hidden interests or unspoken biases related to recommendations.  So here goes…

First, the obvious: I am the owner of Pandora Modeling. When i reference my work in writings on this site I often insert a hyperlink to it for added context to the writing and for promotional/brand-awareness purposes. 

Second, the less obvious: Per the FTC rules, if I interview someone and they grab the bill for lunch, I would need to disclose this. Ditto if I use an Amazon link that gets me 8 cents instead of an Amazon link that gets me 0 cents. If someone gives me a comfy t-shirt with a logo and I wear it in a photo, same deal. Disclaimers all over the place. This would be tedious for me and even more tedious for readers. But rules is rules. To cover my ass and preserve your reading experience, please assume that, for every link and product I use, I was directly compensated for recommending it in the form of cash, gifts, or favors. 

Habitually, I'll still make extremely clear in the moment when I may have hidden biases for recommending something. That's just the way I am.