Sales Pitch | Subscribing To My Mailing List

On this page I'm going to ask you to join my mailing list. But let me be very clear, you don't have to. 

I, like you, have been being asked to subscribe to nearly every website I visit for as long as I've been visiting websites. I, like you, long for the days where I could buy some deodorant at Target without a high pressure sales pitch from the cashier about the self-evident benefits of the red card that I still refuse to get. I, like you, just want to do my thing and be left alone. I don't want to be a part of your conversion funnel, your movement, your group. 

I don't want to put you in that situation. I don't want to trigger you. Please don't runaway. Here's what my email newsletter is all about, what I use it for, and why it's probably a cool thing for anyone to be subscribed to. 

What I Get Out Of It. 

1. Non-content communication with a large group. 

This email list is a way for me to put things out that don't fit the model of the website. I don't know what those are or how frequently they will occur, but knowing me, not much. Likely, I'll write to it 5-10x over the course of 2 weeks every year or two and then go months with nothing. 

In my heart, the list feels like an "acquaintance mailing list." If you read my stuff, statistically speaking, I don't really know you, but I consider you an acquaintance. If you stopped me on the street (feel free to by the way, I'm never in a rush), and identified yourself. I'd know we share some things in common. That puts you well into the level of acquaintance; pushing into pre-friend territory. Probably what's missing for our well-cemented friendship is time well spent. There's no way I'll ever be able to do that with everybody and that's the great tragedy of life, one at least. Enter mailing list. 

I can put something out to a few thousand people, get a few hundred responses, and actually read those responses over the course of a few days. I want to do that. This website is self serving by attempting to serve others and I believe it's far more valuable as a forum for dialogue than a pulpit for my rambling incoherent philosophical inquiries. 

I won't market to you, this isn't a conversion funnel. Maybe I'll write a book some day and ask you to buy it and ask you to non-consensually force everyone you know to buy it. But nothing more. 

2. Travel Upgrades. 

One of the things that I most resent about my station in life is that when I enter countries there aren't hoards of people at the airport with signs cheering for me. I travel a lot and one of the most unique, difficult to fake, and rewarding forms of travel is going to a place that I have never been and spending time with someone who is from there, seeing and learning. 

A tour guide can be a reasonable substitute and I've made friends with a few. But a friend is way better. It's sugar versus aspartame, no comparison. So, I'll probably try and use this list to get you to invite me to your town and have lunch with me or go out drinking or something. Really, that's the main thing I'm going for with any of my work. Meeting new people with some level of similar interests in different places.

3. Leverage. 

If you join it and actually care. Actually read my emails, engage, respond, etc then it increases my leverage with a lot of things. It will make it easier for me to make a living as a writer, getting good book deals, speaking fees, and so on. People will give me money because of the fact that I might be able to get you to give me money through some form of commerce.

What You Get Out Of It

1. Invites. 

I'll reciprocate on the invite thing. I intend to use the mailing list to share my travel schedule in advance so that, if anyone wants to, they can join. Seriously, I'll invite you to parties and stuff. 

2. Convenience. 

I think that I'm going to aim to treat this like a monthly newsletter, where I recap my activities for the previous month. That way, you don't have to follow me everyday. Because you shouldn't follow me (or anyone) everyday. Go live your life. And from time to time I'll check in with updates on anything of merit that you'd find useful. In the meantime we can skip all of the motivational memes and shit. 

That's all. If you want to be on this list: